How to identify high quality wool carpet?

How to identify high quality wool carpet?


As soon as you look at the name of the wool carpet, you can know that the material is wool, but you can't determine whether it is real wool just by looking at the name. So how to identify the wool carpet? The wool carpet market is chaotic, how to distinguish high-quality pure wool carpet?

1、 Touch and feel.

This method does not need any equipment and other items, and can be identified by its own intuitive ability according to the feel and pile of wool carpet. High quality wool carpet, its feet feel comfortable, not stick, not slippery, rebound is very good, after stepping on it can quickly return to its original state. Poor quality wool carpet has small elasticity and rough texture, often accompanied by the feeling of hard objects.

2、 Burning.

Take some yarn out of the wool carpet and burn it. When high-quality wool is burned, it will smell of burning hair. There are many ashes, and they will be crushed as soon as they are pressed.

3、 Craft

High quality wool carpet is produced through multiple processes, so the texture and pattern of the wool carpet are very delicate. Inferior wool carpet is rough, and its weight is obviously lower than that of high-quality products due to its low density.

4、 Appearance

The pattern and texture of high quality wool carpet are clear and beautiful, the pile surface is glossy, the color and pattern are distinct, and the carpet surface is smooth and consistent. The poor quality wool carpet is dark in color, fuzzy in design, sparse in plush, easy to pilling, sticky gray, and not resistant to dirt.



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