Selection method and experience of plush car cushion

Selection method and experience of plush car cushion


In the cold winter, car owners choose a warm wool cushion for their car, which is very suitable. Under the background of the wool cushion, the car looks gorgeous, noble and fashionable, but also adds warmth.

Nowadays, the cushions on the market are mainly made of chemical fiber, artificial wool and wool. Among them, the selection of wool cushions is the most important. There are many inferior or counterfeit products flooding the market. How to choose automobile wool cushions? You can tell by looking, touching and burning

Automobile wool cushion

(1) Look

Careful observation of the wool color shows that the wool color of high-quality cushion is bright, vivid and soft, while the color of poor quality cushion is dim, easy to fade and cross color.

(2) Touch

1. Gently touch the surface of wool with hands. The high-quality wool cushion is strictly selected with good density. When gently wiping with hands, it feels fine and velvety, while the poor ones feel rough and sticky.

2. Gently pull out the plush with your hand to check whether there is hair loss. High quality wool cushion is not easy to lose hair, and will not let broken hair stick to clothes.

(3) Burn

1. Wool products, along the wool cushion, slightly pull off a trace of fine wool on the edge, and ignite it with fire. Pure wool will curl, smoke, and have a yellow flame, with the smell of burning hair, leaving dark brown gray blocks, which can be pressed into fine powder by fingers. Fake wool will form hard scorched slag after burning, which is not easy to twist and has a pungent smell. When burning, accompanied by the smell of burning hair, ash, shiny black crisp block.

2. Acrylic fiber products, when burning, melt while burning slowly, the flame is white, bright and powerful, slightly black smoke, fishy smell, gray is white, round, crisp and fragile.

3. Nylon products melt and burn slowly, with a little white smoke, small flame, blue color, celery flavor, light brown hard block, not easy to break.



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