Benefits of wool fabric

Benefits of wool fabric



The features of wool fabric are simply: good gloss, good air permeability, elastic stretch, more texture, natural softness.


1. Wool is a kind of natural fiber with good hygroscopicity. The research shows that the hygroscopicity of wool is better than that of conventional synthetic fiber and natural fiber such as cotton and silk under any temperature and humidity conditions.

2. The cool feeling of wool, when the human body sweats, because wool has high moisture absorption, it can maintain the humidity of the air around the skin in a low range, which is one of the reasons why wool fabrics are comfortable and dry in summer.

3. Super absorbent: wool is a very good hydrophilic fiber, which is very comfortable to use.

4. Warmth retention: due to the natural crimp of wool, many non flowing air zones can be formed as barriers.

5. Durability: wool has excellent tensile and elastic recovery, special scale structure and excellent bending property, so it also has good appearance retention.



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