Brand Story

The Original Aspiration

Shandong Yinuo Fabric Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, focusing on the production and R&D of the imported wool products from New Zealand. The pure and lofty wool carpets have the natural quality, pure dyeing, natural and simple luster. Each carpet has been made through more than 10 complicated procedures, including weaving, shearing, washing, cutting, heading and quality inspection. Yinuo puts quality first and aims to create a one-hundred-year enterprise that gathers the techniques of craftsmen, bears great responsibilities and become a warmhearted and passionate enterprise.

Establishing the Credit

In 2015, it established the business division of ethnic carpet, covering Ningxia, Gansu, Qinghai, Tibet and Inner Mongolia. Through the three-year accumulations, it has become a brand in terms of ethnic carpet manufacturing.  Each totem on the carpet produced is silently telling the stories of the ancient nations, which are about nomadism, love, life and expectation. In 2017, Yinuo became the national production supplier of the one-hundred-year brand EISEINO in the field of the high-end wool carpet. It has obtained continuous, stable and healthy development with exquisite techniques and sincere services. 

Shandong Yinuo Fabric Co. Ltd.

Reform and Innovation

In 2012, the rinsing decolorization technique succeeded through the eight-mouth experiment. In 2014, the R&D team successfully developed the color retaining technique. Through constant R&D, it has kept adjusting the rinsing auxiliary formula, strictly controlled it, washed away the surface dyeing, and created the luster, so as to ensure the softness, richness and compactness of the carpet. Through innovation, it has created the commodity sticker, realized the product ID trace and established the exclusive department to solve problems for customers through giving them real-time feedbacks and ensure their sense of experience.


In the future, Yinuo will focus on both technique and environmental protection, always be with users, create the Yinuo brand with the cultural gene of “Constant Love and Gratefulness”, and lead the industrial development. It will realize diversified innovation and promote the cooperation with excellent enterprises through the prospective development idea. It will try best to become a warmhearted and passionate enterprise with a one-hundred-year history and the everlasting vitality.

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